Maiden Edition

1.    Assessment of Adherence to Treatment Regimen among

2.    Assessment of Knowledge and Approaches of Nurses Towards Cancer
3.    Assessment of Practice of Preparedness to Manage Disaster Victims among
4.    Common Health Problems and Use of School Health Clinics among
5.    Economic Burden and Coping Strategies of Caregivers of Children
6.    Effectiveness of Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises on
7.    Evaluation of Knowledge of Task Shifting and Task Sharing
8.    Factors Influencing Acceptance of Cervical Cancer Vaccine by
9.    Influence of Tutors Classroom Interaction on Academic Performance
10.    Knowledge and Acceptability of Newborn Hearing Screening among
11.    Knowledge, Acceptance and Perceived Effects of Pain Assessment
12.    Nursing Care of Patients at the End of Life in Sub-Saharan Africa
13.    Perceived Pattern of Substance Use among Students in a
14.    Perceptions of Obstetric Caregivers on Non-Pharmacological Analgesia
15.    Perceptions of Student Nurses Midwives on Clinical Learning
16.    Preferences of Place of Delivery A Study among Pregnant Women Receiving
17.    Prevalence and Complications of Traditional Uvulectomy amongst
18.    Problems and Coping Strategies of in-School Adolescents in
19.    Psychological Factors Influencing Attitude towards Genetically Modified
20.    Relationship Between Musculoskeletal Disorder and Physical Activity
21.    Risk Factors Associated with HIVAIDS Awareness on Sexual Anxiety
22.    Supportive Factors and Barriers to the Implementation of Kangaroo
23.    The Effect of Birth Order on Academic Performance among the Students
24.    Uncovering the Tripartite Relationship between eHealth, Patients

Volume 2 Issue 1

1.    Appraisal of the Knowledge of Prevention of Anaemia in Pregnancy
2.    Assessment of Knowledge, Perception of Cervical Cancer and Screening
3.    Assessment of the Knowledge of Immunization Services against Infant
4.    Awareness and the Practice of Focused Antenatal Care among Pregnant
5.    Awareness and Utilization of eLearning Resources in Clinical
6.    Collaborating with the Community for Quality Community Roles
7.    Determining the Psychological Well-Being of the Mothers of Neonates
8.    Diabetic Knowledge and the Predictors of Health-Related Quality of
9.    Factors Affecting Communication and Teamwork in the Operating
10.    Factors Influencing the Drug Abuse Menace among Undergraduate
11.    Illness Severity as a Correlate of Quality of Life of Patients Living with
12.    Knowledge and Acceptance of Self Sample Collection for Cervical
13.    Knowledge and Practice of Personal Hygiene among School Children
14.    Knowledge, Self-Reported Competency and the Perspective of
15.    Social Well-being, Social Experience and the Quality of
16.    The Awareness, Attitude, Practice and Perceptions of Benefits and
17.    The Determinants of Low Back Pain Among Perioperative
18.    The Determinants of the Utilization of Modern Contraceptives among
19.    The Level of Inpatients’ Satisfaction with Nursing Care
20.    The Presence of Depression, its Risk Factors, Suicidal Ideation and
21.    The Prevalence of Accidental Poisoning in Doguwa Local
22.    The Therapeutic Efficacy of Artemisinin Combination Therapy in
23.    Urogenital Candidiasis among Women in Northcentral

Volume 3 Issue 1

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Volume 3 Issue 2

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